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Residential Ceiling Fan Installation Design Trends for 2022

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Residential ceiling fan installation from Right Electric will help you run your air conditioner less this summer. Investing in a ceiling fan will increase the value of your home and reduce your energy costs. The benefits will be most apparent when the weather heats up.

We offer a variety of designs with and without lighting to suit all decors. Creating a visually and functionally balanced room requires layers of lighting. A ceiling fan with a decorative light fixture can further be the cherry on top of a well-designed room. Read on to see what is trending this year!

Organic Shapes

Modern and minimalist designs are out, and organic, curved shapes are in. Blade designs with soft edges and graceful curves fit into the nature-inspired art nouveau aesthetic.

See-Through Blades

A combination of Roaring 20s art deco revival and 90s nostalgia has led to the popularity of clear and translucent blades. Crystal clear blades paired with silver or gold housings. In addition textured or fluted glass lighting covers hint at glamour and excess. While brightly colored or white housing and more modern lighting tap into more recent nostalgia.

More is More

One big trend is larger fan blades. Our fans go well beyond the standard 60-inch size in rooms with sufficient space. These giant fans make a statement as cool as their breeze. Although you will definitely need residential ceiling fan installation from a professional like Right Electric. As these big guys are too heavy to install by yourself. Two or three times as many blades are another way to go big when an oversized fan won’t fit.

The Latest Tech

Smart Home integration is gaining popularity. You can control many ceiling fans with your smartphone, Google Home, or Alexa. The constant control, along with LED lighting, further adds up to more energy savings. Retractable blades are another high-tech option gaining popularity.

Residential Ceiling Fan Installation From Right Electric

Whatever style you choose, ceiling fan installation from Right Electric will save you money. Ceiling fans maintain a more consistent temperature, so your furnace and air conditioner run less often. Further saving both energy costs and wear and tear on your HVAC. 

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