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Tips for Electrical Safety This Fall

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Follow These Important Safety Tips

  1. Unplug Unused Appliances
    You might think things get easier when you no longer need to run the AC in the fall. But that can be a false sense of security. When it gets cooler, it’s common for folks to run heat-producing appliances again. Avoid the urge to plug in a bunch of them simultaneously because that can over-run your circuits.
  2. It’s Dangerous to Run Cords Under Carpets or Doors
    Not only is this a tripping hazard, but you’re more likely to break a cord and start a fire. This could also be a sign that you need more outlets.
  3. Never Use Electrical Appliances Near Water
    It’s a nice time to go back to warm baths and hot tubs. Just avoid using non-waterproof electronic equipment nearby. Most people know this but it’s tragic to see how often these accidents still happen.
  4. Use the Right Wattage for Light Fixtures
    Using a high-wattage bulb when it’s inappropriate can cause overheating and fires. LED lights are a great replacement solution for incandescent bulbs if you want to avoid this problem.

Electrical Safety Tips for Businesses

As you know, Right Electric also provides outstanding service to commercial business clients. Businesses have their own safety challenges that relate to heavy electronic usage. A lot of people use them, and even issues with powerful machinery in industrial facilities.

We recommend a few tips for making your workplace safer.

  • Remember to install physical barriers between electrical equipment and people. Make sure your electrical wires stay protected in some kind of cabinet, closet, or embedded in the structural framework somehow.
  • Be careful with flammable materials like gasses and vapors. You DO NOT want these anywhere near electrical components.
  • Make sure that only employees who are lock-out/tag-out certified operate high-powered equipment and machinery (especially maintenance staff).

Also, it’s important to remember to put away and de-energize all the summer equipment. It’s easy to forget about these items and leave them idle or unattended during the fall and winter. You’ll also want to inspect your winter tools before using them when it gets colder.

Get a Safety Inspection with Right Electric

An electrical safety inspection is a quick, affordable, and wise investment for any property owner. Many homes do not yet meet the standards set by the National Electric Code (NEC). This is because of loose, faulty, or ungrounded wiring. Those are just a few of the things we check.

Whenever we find problems, we can implement a permanent solution. This includes renovating your entire electrical system to meet modern service ratings and expectations.

Right Electric is happy to help you with maintenance tasks such as installing new outlets and adjusting breakers or panels. As well as any other job that requires professional assistance. Our entire staff has all the training, certification, and experience to troubleshoot any problem. We will further get your electrical framework into optimal condition.

We hope you found these electrical safety tips helpful and will contact us as soon as you need important repair work in your New Jersey home or business.

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Is it Time to Replace Your Ceiling Fan?

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Ceiling fans make a big difference to the look and energy efficiency of your home if you’re considering installing one. An old ceiling fan would increase your energy bills and, therefore, need replacement. According to a study by Charles J. Kibert from the University of Florida, buildings use 70% of the electricity and 40% of the energy produced in the United States. Energy bills are paid by building owners, so reducing energy consumption is a necessity.

Are you wondering when to install a new ceiling fan in order to reduce your energy consumption? Whenever the existing fan shows signs of damage, you should replace it. It’s important to know when your appliance is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Annoying Buzzes

A ceiling fan should not produce any noise when running. If it starts producing a buzzing noise, the motor windings have worn out and need replacement. In some cases, this sound goes away after oiling, but if it persists, oiling is no longer effective. It could also mean that the capacitors no longer work well. Electricians are the best choice in such a situation since they are familiar with how ceiling fans work. So, you should have one inspect the fan before installing a new one.

Slow Speed

When a fan operates at the highest speed, it does a good job circulating air within the room. There should be no difference in its effect when operating on a high or low setting. A ceiling fan’s capacitor could be adjusted or replaced, but when the motor burns out, there is only one option: replace it. A burnt motor reflects in the diminishing speed of the fan. A slow speed means the fan will not circulate air as expected, and it’s time to call electrical contractors.

Blades Won’t Spin

If your electric ceiling fan won’t spin regardless of whether you have power, you may need a replacement. Consult with electrical contractors to confirm whether the ceiling connectors are faulty or whether it’s a power connection issue. A ceiling fan should have a motor, a rotor, and blades that rotate with the help of a belt. If they do not, then something is wrong with the power connections.

Are you wondering whether your ceiling fan needs replacement or not? Contact Right Electric today for assistance. We will help you with every aspect of your electrical needs.

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Why You Should Hire an Electrician

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Don’t Take Risks with Your Wiring

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESF), there are approximately 51,000 home electrical fires every year. These fires lead to 500 deaths, over 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion worth of property damage, nationwide. Arcing faults alone account for 28,000 fires. Arcing faults occur when a home’s electrical system has loose connections or faulty wiring.

Unfortunately, bad wiring and mistakes when making electrical installations can very easily result in a fire or serious injury. When it comes to electrical systems, we always recommend working with a licensed electrician. Including installing new lighting fixtures. At Right Electric, we always put safety first. Our electricians have the experience to ensure your lighting installation goes smoothly.

How an Electrician Can Help You

Installing a lighting fixture is much more complicated than plugging in a new light. Behind the beautiful light, you see on the surface is a complicated wiring system. Moreover, many light fixtures require installation in ceilings or high up on walls due to their weight. The new light can be challenging to mount and hold in place. These larger fixtures also often require special hardware and equipment to install.

The benefits of working with an electrician for your lighting installation:

  • Installs your new light safely
  • Ensures proper wiring to reduce the risk of electrical fires
  • Secure mounting will be provided
  • The electrician will have the special hardware and further equipment needed for specialty light fixtures
  • It will be necessary to install hanging lights at a distance that ensures proper illumination
  • Wiring for lights will be done according to the switch location
  • This will prevent circuit overloads by installing lights on the correct circuits
  • The installation will be up to code

Protect Your Lighting Fixture’s Warranty

Licensed electricians also protect the warranty of the new fixture. Many light fixtures, especially larger and expensive ones like chandeliers, come with valuable warranties. And it is not uncommon that a DIY installation renders the warranty void. If you are spending thousands of dollars on a new light fixture, you want to ensure the warranty is valid and available to you for as long as possible.

Do You Need an Electrician to Install Recessed Lighting?

Yes, you should always have a licensed electrician install recessed lighting in your home. Like any lighting fixture, recessed lighting must be hooked into your current electrical system. Sometimes, you will also need to extend your existing electrical system to accommodate the new recessed lighting. Failure to install recessed lighting correctly can result in electrical fires, electric shock and other dangerous hazards.

For safety reasons, recessed lights usually are installed inside ceiling cans. Overheating of the recessed lighting may cause your ceiling’s insulation to ignite, leading to a serious fire. Most recessed lighting has a double can, with the second can creating a cooling air gap that protects both the lighting fixture and your insulation.

Right Electric

Stay safe with your lighting installations by hiring the professionals at Right Electric.

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Finding The Right Generator with Right Electric

Generac generators’ producers have built their name for years now. They are currently one of the best as they’ve got quality and affordable products. The Generac generators suit both commercial and domestic use. But the big question is, where do you get these quality generators from? Can you find a contractor who does generator installation or maintenance? It’s never easy finding a trusted Generac generator dealer, but if you’re in New Jersey, Right Electric will sort you out. The company does have different types of Generac Generators For Sale in New Jersey. For your installation of Generac Home Generators in New Jersey, don’t forget to contact us and get the best deals and quality services.

If you’re tired of the constant power interruptions because of either heavy storm, it’s wise to look for quality Generac Emergency Generators in New Jersey. Which we can install. Remember, anything can happen with your power supply company forcing you to look for an alternative. But our able team can always rescue you. You can also go camping and use the generators in any place after visiting us for the best deals in town.


Given that the Generac generators are of different sizes and designs, you should always go for what fits your demands. There are portable generators that allow you to move around with ease to your picnics or the village. Trust us for your commercial installations and get the Generac Generators For Sale in New Jersey. Have stress-free operations at your business premises. The best part of settling for our Generac Home Generators in New Jersey is that we’re installers who are experts when it comes to installation and maintenance.

With a Generac emergency Generators in New Jersey from our company. You’re further sure your fridge, sump pump, or heating system will work as usual even with a power shortage. Are you worried about the fuel consumption of the generators? Don’t worry since we’ve got different sizes of Generac generators. Some with single while others have double fuel tanks, so you’ll go for your choice. Suppose you’re unsure what to settle for our team of experts will give you the best advice.

Never worry much about the cost of installation, as in the long run, you’ll realize how cost-effective it’s to have a Generac generator. And the greatest of all is that we offer free in-home estimation if you want to know the cost of having a Generac Home Generator in New Jersey. Contact us at any time for your free estimates using the number on our page. For the best Generac generators prices, electric installation, and maintenance, further contact Right Electric.

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Does My Chandelier Need Re-Wiring?

chandelier re-wiring

Rewiring an old chandelier may be necessary. Here, we’ll look at how to know a fixture needs new wiring, and whether you’re better off calling an electrician. But re-wiring a chandelier doesn’t have to be that complicated. It can also breathe new life into your treasured fixture.

Signs of faulty chandelier wiring include:

  • The light is dimmer than it used to be.
  • Bulbs are flickering on and off.
  • You need to replace bulbs more often.

Of course, there are other signs of bad wiring to look for, such as burning odors, buzzing or humming sounds, or the fixture is warm to the touch. A chandelier is a centerpiece that adds a unique charm to the room. When properly cared for, it can last longer than most other light fixtures, but loose, corroded, or broken wires can turn a chandelier into more of a nuisance if not a danger.

What to Do When Your Chandelier Needs Re-Wiring

Unless you have some electrical knowledge and skill, it’s best to leave this kind of work to a professional electrician. The following steps will help you understand how to rewire a chandelier:

  1. Turn Off the Circuit: Go to the electrical panel, find the breaker switch for the chandelier circuit, and switch it off. Use a circuit tester at the fixture to verify there’s no power. If it indicates the current is flowing, check whether you turned off the right circuit breaker.
  2. Loosen the Fixture: Loosen the rounded base or another component that secures the chandelier to the ceiling. Slide it to the bottom hub. The grounding wire should be copper, the neutral/earth wire white, and the hot wire yellow. Remove the wire connectors and unwrap electrical tape if present while supporting the fixture. Don’t let it hang by the wires or you may require additional electrical repair.
  3. Unscrew the Chandelier: Use the threaded nipple to loosen the chandelier and remove it from its mounting. There will be an electrical box holding the threaded nipple if the fixture is newer. Measure the length of each wire through each arm of the chandelier, plus 1 inch (to account for wire stripping later).
  4. Disconnect the Wiring: If the dome is removed from the fixture, the wiring will be exposed, or it may be covered. Follow the owner’s manual or method and configuration of your chandelier for the exact procedure for removing exposed wires. Remove the wires and socket housings.
  5. Install the New Wire: Cut each lamp wire to size and thread it through each arm. Strip off ½” of plastic insulation to expose the wire; split it and group the neutral and live wires together. Twist the ends of these together in a clockwise direction. On top of them, twist a wire connector and ensure all wire strands are enclosed.

Don’t waste your time trying to solve the chandelier issues yourself! Contact the professionals at Right Electric here or at our phone number 908-568-8000