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Does Your Ceiling Fan Spin Correctly?

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When to Use Downdraft​ 

Cooling off in the summer can really drive your energy bill through the roof, and this summer is one of the hottest. Finding ways to reduce costs and stay cool is important to be comfortable in your own home.

Somewhere on your ceiling fan, you will have a reverse switch. So after turning your fan off and waiting for it to stop. Further, check your switch to ensure that your fan is turning counterclockwise. Setting your fan to turn counterclockwise will push the cold air in the room down. Assisting any air vents you may have high on the walls or on the ceiling.

Some more modern ceiling fans may have reversing controls on the remote control. Or if your home has smart connections, you may be able to do this within an app on your smartphone.

When to Use Updraft​


Finding ways to cut your energy costs are just as helpful in the winter. Switching over your fan’s direction when temperatures drop is a great way to ease the strain on your furnace. Turn your fan back clockwise in the wintertime. This takes the hot air at the top of the room and pushes it back down the walls to keep you warm. Heat can get trapped at the top of your room since hot air rises. In order to push it back down, you may need to use a ceiling fan.

Making sure you let your ceiling fan create an updraft is especially important if your home has high or vaulted ceilings. If you’re having trouble finding the reverse switch. Manufacturers sometimes hide exterior components and controls underneath a large bulb component on your ceiling fan. 

How We Can Help​ 

Get in touch with a licensed electrician if you have ceiling fan problems or would like to upgrade to a fan with smartphone connectivity.
Another common problem people face when running a ceiling fan in the summer is noticing an unsteady fan wobble back and forth when turned on. Right Electric has professionals ready to make sure your ceiling fan is not only working properly but also mounted to a fan-rated box that is up to code.

If you’re looking for more ways to make your home energy efficient, doing so with the guidance of a licensed electrician is key. Contact Right Electric today for help with your ceiling fan, or for more ways to make your home more energy efficient.

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