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How to Power Outdoor Lights

Outdoor Lighting

Plug-in Outdoor Lights with Extensions

Plugging strands into exterior outlets is the easiest way to install lights in your yard. In most building codes, you need an exterior outlet by the front and rear doors of your home. Combine them with extension cords and lights to take advantage of them. You can control multiple lights at the same time with splitters or remote plug-ins.

This method has the major drawback of posing a trip hazard to your family members with extension cords. In addition, children and animals can suffer serious injuries when they misuse extension cords and light strings.

Solar Outdoor Lights: 

You can light up your home with solar lights without worrying about cords, outlets, or adding to your electric bill.

This option has a downside, though. You’ll have to make sure that your lights get enough sunlight so they can store power for later use. Overcast weather will also affect your health, as your receptors will be unable to gather as much sunlight. Solar lights, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere, increasing light options.

Use a Generator for Outdoor Lighting: 

Portable generators come in handy if there are no outlets outside or if you are trying to light an area too far from a power outlet. The weather won’t affect you as much as it does with solar lights. The generator will also need fuel, usually gas, which can add additional costs. Generators can also be very loud. For outdoor lights, rechargeable battery packs provide portable, silent power.

Wiring Outdoor Lights

The best power source for outdoor lighting is to hardwire it to a dedicated circuit. Long-term, this option is convenient but requires maintenance. It will be difficult to install hardwired lighting in sheds, patios, or other outdoor locations. Taking these steps safely and properly will require the services of a licensed electrician.

The Easiest Installation

The quality of your time outdoors is significantly impacted by outdoor lighting. Besides increasing your usable space, it also provides a level of security for you and your family.

Contacting a licensed electrician is one of the safest and most reliable ways to power up your property. Our local professionals provide help with installation and whatever problems come your way. We provide assistance in commercial and residential. Contact us today at 908-568-8000 for all of your electric needs!

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